Empire State Building Invites Public To Select Official Colours For New LED Tower Lights

The Empire State Building recently unveiled the state of the art LED lighting system, which has a customised palette of over 15 million colours along with special effects from cross-fades, bursts to ripples and sparkles.

The Empire State Building will request the public to determine and select the standard colours for its famous LED tower lights.

Throughout 14 January to 20 January 2013, each evening from the break of dusk to 02 00 hours, each of its four sides will shine in different shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink (in the exact order and one colour per night). Each night, the landmark will shine each of its four sides in different shades of the same colour.

New Yorkers and fans from around the world have the opportunity to vote for their favourite shade of colour via Empire State Building’s Facebook page. Voters have are also able to share their selection with family and friends via other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

The final seven selected colours will be announced the week of 21 January 2013.

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