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The Top Budget Destinations around the World in 2015

Travelling long distance is expensive, and not everyone can afford to dish out the cash for the most exotic and most luxurious holidays. What almost everyone can do, on the other hand, is to get an idea about the destinations that offer great experiences at a fraction of the cost of most of the better known places.

Budget Travel, a website dedicated to travelling on a limited amount of money, has come up with its annual list of ten special destinations to visit on a budget. This is a look at the ten destinations in a bit of detail.

1. Northern Italy

Highlights: Big-city culture and natural beauty

Why go there in 2015?
Expo Milano, a World’s Fair event, will be happening in the Northern Italian town of Milan, and more than 20 million visitors are expected from all over the world, so you can expect Milan to be a buzzing honeycomb of activity from May 1 to October 31.

What to do:
Milan has a lot to offer everyone, from shopping to its collection of historical sites, including its historic city centre. Get out of the big city and visit Lake Como and the hundreds of tiny towns waiting to be explored. It’s a journey you are unlikely to forget.


2. Bali, Indonesia

Highlights: Picturesque beaches and romance

Why go there in 2015?
Hotel prices are said to be down almost 12 per cent, so take this opportunity to go to Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination.

What to do:
Bali is the ultimate island paradise, so you will be spoilt for choice. Relax at one of the distinctive black sand beaches, go diving, surfing, or indulge in the many activities this wonderful island has to offer.


3. Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Highlights: Music and hip neighbourhoods

Why go there in 2015?
Here is a city that has experienced 48 straight months of growth, hitting a fever pitch in 2015. Go there this year before the crowds really start to pull in.

What to do:
Nashville is the sacred home of country music, and in no other city will you hear as much free live music. Visit the Country Music Hall of fame, and indulge in some Nashville style hot chicken in several joints throughout the city.


4. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Highlights: Diving with beautiful coral and tropical fish

Why go there in 2015?
The prices of flights to Cairns have dropped 30 per cent, and package deals are available now more than ever.

What to do:
Get up close and personal with the planet’s biggest coral reef system, teeming with thousands of rare and beautiful species of fish, dolphins, turtles, and more. Snorkelling, Scuba diving, sailing, and everything in between is available!


5. Istanbul, Turkey

Highlights: High style and world-class shopping

Why go there in 2015?
Although named the world’s top travel destination, hotel prices in the city have fallen amidst the unsettled nature of the Middle East.

What to do:
The former capital of Turkey is famous for its Grand Bazaar with its innumerable shops and winding streets. This bi-continental city is the original meeting point for eastern and western cultures. The sights and sounds are endless, and exploration is a must!


6. Barcelona, Spain

Highlights: Food and art

Why go there in 2015?
Barcelona is one of the most affordable big cities in Europe, and it is not expected to stay that way for too long!

What to do:
Barcelona has so much to offer art lovers – famous artists, musicians, and sculptors all called it home. Barcelona’s culinary delights – we recommend the tapas and sangria – are among the best in the country.


7. Cambodia

Highlights: Exotic, spiritual sites like nowhere else

Why go there in 2015?
According to sources, hotel prices are down across Cambodia this year, with Siem Reap, gateways to Angkor Wat, seeing price drops as much as 10 per cent.

What to do:
Visit Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, which shows off Cambodia’s Hindu and Buddhist heritage and history. The capital Phnom Penh also has some great sites to behold.


8. Denver, Colorado, USA

Highlights: Art, food, and a little something “special”

Why go there in 2015?
The legalisation of recreational cannabis in Colorado has resulted in a large influx of visitors to the city. The city’s brewery and food scenes are also booming.

What to do:
Denver is a city for the ardent art lover, and the Denver Art Museum holds masterpieces by Matisse, Picasso, and O’Keeffe. The Denver Zoo offers several free admission days in 2015 as well.


9. Colombia

Highlights: Adventure and colourful festivals

Why go there in 2015?
Increased security in most large Colombian cities, and low hotel prices in the capital Bogota are the main draws of Colombia this year.

What to do:
Although the country has had a bad reputation related to crime and drugs, the country has shown that it is more than that. Indulge in the rich culture in Colombia’s many colourful festivals and events, and have a sip of the best coffee in the world. Maybe even go on a tour of a plantation.


10. Egypt

Highlights: History and brag-worthy sights

Why go there in 2015?
Owing to the recovery from political unrest over the past few years, Egypt is seeking to gain more tourist numbers year-on-year. Hotel prices have hit their lowest prices. What more do you need?

What to do:
Take a “felucca” (a sailboat) along the River Nile for a once in a lifetime experience. Have a walk-about in Cairo, Luxor, or Aswan, or visit the ancient city of Alexandria. No visit to Egypt is complete without a visit to the Pyramids at Giza and the Valley of the Kings.


Let this be just a guide to your next budget holiday, but remember, book your flights with Travel Center UK for the best available rates. Contact our travel experts today!


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The Best New UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The brilliant man made designs and raw countryside’s that include the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are stupendous and now there are many more of those than ever before; here is a list of the brand new UNESCO World Heritage Sites you might want to start booking flights too.

Pergamon – Bergama, Turkey.

Book a flight to this city which dates back to the fourth century B.C.; with a long record of having been ruled by many: Greeks, Persians and Romans. It was the main historical centre in the Hellenistic Attalid Dynasty and was the metropolis kingdom from 281-133 B.C. It has the most exceptional libraries in the world, with 200,000 books; the Great Alter of Pergamon is kept in a museum in Berlin, various remains are still in the earlier place. Temples, auditoriums, amphitheatres and age old structures still are there on the citadels above the present town of Bergama.

Carolingian Westwork and Civitas Corvey – Hoketer, Germany.

The Westwork which is a portion of the Imperial Abbey of Corvey goes back to the Carolingian period, the abbey was established as a Benedictine monastery by two of Charlemagne’s cousins in 815 A.D., rebuilt on the present site seven years later, it was home to a mint and held a major spot along the Hellweg. The abbey stayed Catholic on the frontier of Protestant Brunswick state and later fell under Napoleon, now it belongs to an associate of the Hohenlohe German lineage. It’s accessible to tourists who can savour the Carolingian model.

Stevns Klint – Store Heddinge, Denmark.

Situated on the southeastern border, this is a prime terrestrial marker; it extends about 10 miles and portions of the white chalk precipice go back to 72 million years. The main attraction here is the fine coating of dark clay at the back of the white chalky surface; this is because of the Chicxulub meteorite that hit Earth around 65 million years back, the residue of the ash cloud is still visible. The bryozoa chalk that combines the hill is extremely shock proof, so this is why this cliff has been properly conserved for many thousands of years.

Rani-Ki-Vav – Gujarat, India.

Book flight tickets and visit the Queen’s Stepwell (Rani-Ki-Vav), made for Bhimdev I, a leader of the Solanki family, by his widowed wife in 1050 A.D., it’s an upside down temple with seven storey’s going down and ending with a pool at the bottom. The biggest of its type, an example of the stepwells made in India during the start of the third millennium B.C., they turned into constructive wonders as much as they were water reservoirs.  Complex designs on the walls and 2,000 sculptures show the amazing artistry and are symbolic of the Maru-Gurjara technique.

Okavango Delta – Botswana.

In the Northwest of Botswana this has long been a famous safari destination, the distinctive characteristics make this place a very important eco-friendly site. One of the main deltas in the world that doesn’t flow to the ocean or even to the sea, when it floods it has a peculiar harmony between the surroundings, plants and wildlife in the region. There are many animals like; 400 breeds of birds alone and it’s one of the last places where you find the Wild Dog, you also get five discrete tribal sets who exercise customary living; including cultivation and poaching.

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex – Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Registered as a natural and artistic land, this is situated on the southern point of the Red River delta southeast of Hanoi; the region is really beautiful, with sedimentary rocks ascending at a slant out of the water, and an immense cave network rules the district; containing inactive and active caves; there is proof that humans were present there as far back as 20,000 B.C. You can find shrines, sanctuaries and temples describing Trang An’s popular past, especially the Vu Lam Palace, constructed in the 13th and 14th millennium to safeguard them against the Chinese occupation.

Namhansanseong – Seoul, South Korea.

This stronghold looks like the Great Wall of China; the 1300 year old construction was used for the same reason by many Korean realms, the initial building of this fort started in 672 when it was built on the side of Namhan Mountain as a protection. It was kept by consecutive leaders for many years and then it was lengthened in the 17th century. It was used by the Joseon ancestry for about five centuries, historic building styles as well as current alterations matured in reply to the launch of gunpowder, can be seen in this remarkable assembly.

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The Top Most Sacred Destinations on Earth

Booking flights to these amazingly motivating destinations have been more than just holiday plans for many years now, long respected for their breathtaking scenery and sacred powers; here are a few natural wonders which are the subjects of legends.

When you book a flight to the many marvellous natural sites, the experience may give you a feeling of peace, a sense of wonder or you may just want to take a million photos, but many of these destinations play an important role in their own personal cultures.

Many of them are still used for ancient rites, various others have been lost; but they all have a special power and if you are lucky there might be a little left over magic.

There is the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia, situated in the countries Red Centre which is in the middle of the continent; these two pure rock patterns are the main appeal to this park which is a World Heritage Site.

One of the most noticeable landmarks is Uluru which is a flat topped sandstone rock positioned about 1,100 feet high and nearly six miles around, along with a soulful, intense-hue that changes through the day, it is also known as the Ayers Rock, named by the immigrant assessor who reclaimed the place in 1873.

30 miles away you find Kata Tjuta also known as The Olgas made with an extra 30 mound of various rock types such as granite, sandstone, and basalt; the highest point is nearly 1,800 feet high, both of these sites are very holy to the Anangu people of the Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal tribe, who trust that the rocks were constructed during the early formation time and that they are still occupied by ancient spirits.

This park is open to tourists but the tribe people still perform rites and observances in many locations, like the “Dreamtime” track that goes next to the present-day hiking trail, it also has a Cultural Centre and Aboriginal rock sites, and they also offer guided tours.

Tourists can drive or join a bus tour to the park from Alice Springs, or you could book flight tickets and fly to Rock Airport/Connellan where they give you many direct flights to the various cities, keep in mind that while hiking Uluru it isn’t really prohibited but the Anangu request the tourists not to climb the rock out of regard for its importance, and they also request that pictures are not taken of a few holy sites.

The Cenote Segrado in Mexico is another sacred site; the Mayans admired water for its life-bearing powers, and they also bowed down to Chac, who is the god of rain. Many regions of Mexico are filled with Cenotes which are natural underground sinkholes; the mayans presumed that some of these sites were visited by Chac, and as a outcome of that many of these were named as “sacred” and were reserved for rituals, contributions and gifts while many others were set apart for washing, drinking and for crops.

One of the well known holy springs is Cenote Sagrado situated next to the major Mayan archaeological site Chichen Itza in the Yacatan Peninsula; made from natural limestone cave with sharp sides extending about 60 feet above the water line, this spring was mainly used for ceremonies and irregular sacrifices to please the water gods.

One of the most frequently visited sites it can be reached by car or by an organised bus tour from many nearby tourist spots, or by public bus service: the ride is around two and a half hours long, the Cenote Segrado is a part of the Great North Platform division of the site.

Book a flight to The Mahabodhi Tree, in the Bodh Gaya area of Bihar India; it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and as stated by Buddhist history; about 500 B.C. when the monastic Prince Siddhartha was travelling pass what’s now known as the state of Bihar in India, he rested under a native bodhi tree.

After around three nights he awoke with understanding, perception and the answers he had been looking for, which later turned into the teachings he went on to unfurl to his disciples, as usual that place where Buddha got the understanding is one of the most sacred sites for many Buddhists, and it has been a crucial pilgrimage destination for many years.

Now the temple compound is surrounded by what is believed to be a straight successor of the original glorious tree itself, it sits in the middle of a square enclosed by preservative carved panels; a marvellous Buddha statue under the tree marks the important spot.

To reach this significant site you have to travel about three miles from the Gaya Airport and around seven miles from Gaya City; many car services, public buses and bus tours are also accessible from the holy city of Varanasi.

Mount Kailas in western Tibet is a black rock mountain which is something of a holy hat trick since it is holy to many Buddhists, Hindus and Jains and is presumed to be the mythical Axis Mundi, which is the middle of the universe.

The Hindus say that it is the home of Lord Shiva and the land of everlasting joy; and they have also observed mythical Kailas in temple figures all through India, and Tantric Buddhists believe the mountain to be the residence of Buddha Demchog who portrays extraordinary happiness and that three main Bodhisattvas stay in the nearby hills, while the Jains trust that it is the site which they call Mount Ashtapada where the very first Jain achieved enlightenment.

This rock is a portion of the Gangdise Mountain range and is positioned next to the starting point of the longest rivers in Asia, which includes the Sutlej, the Indus and the Ghaghara which is a tribute of the holy Ganges River, close by the Lake Manasarovar, known as the origin of healthiness, is yet another prime pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists.

Even though it is a mythical sacred site Mount Kailas is also one of the lesser visited due to its distant location in the Tibetan Himalayas, it is around a four night journey from Lhasa over the highland to the small pilgrim settlement where there are a few simple guesthouses, from here most tourists travel by foot, pony or yak to circle the bottom of the mountain, it’s a journey of around 32 miles.

Mount Sinai in Egypt includes many of the primary doctrines of Judeo, Christian and Islamic views of this sacred site which can be detected back to this mountain on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, it was on top of this summit that Moses is said to have been given the Ten Commandments from God.

But there isn’t much archaeological proof to say that this is the same place, but various biblical scholars have speculated for many years about the mountains legendary position, and early Christian monks trust that this is the sacred site and have set up many monasteries around this area.

There are two ways to climb this mountain which takes around 45 minutes and three hours, based on your speed, or you can even use a camel, which would take around three hours; but remember if you choose the latter you will still have to walk the last 750 steps to the top.

If you are booking flights to visit any sacred site then make sure to visit Mount Parnassus in Greece, elevated above Delphi in central Greece this limestone mountain appears immensely in Greek mythology, it is sacred to the god Apollo who regularly visited the neighbouring Oracle at Delphi.

This mountain was also believed to be the home of the Muses; and as an outcome it became the home of poetry and song. The three Corycian Nymphs, each of them having been charmed by a major god; were born of springs found on Parnassus, and it was also the location for many small myths.

Now it’s only sacred activity takes place on the slopes of this mountain: it is outshined by two popular ski centres and is marked with picturesque hiking trails, Mount Parnassus is a winding two-hour mountain drive from Athens.

There are day trips and overnight bus tours which are also at hand; after you are done touring the slopes don’t forget to visit the age-old ruins in Delphi, which are in the silhouette of the mountain.

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How to Book Airline Tickets in Advance

When to book cheap flight tickets is a question that tortures even the most professional travellers, which of you have sat in front of the computer thinking: Do I wait for a cheaper deal, or is this the best I’ll get?

There is no hard-and-fast order for striking the correct booking window; a recent report found that, historically, cheap air flights are available seven weeks before departure, yet another study showed that cheap international flights were available six weeks before flying. But remember that the window will change according to where you will be travelling and when.

There is such a thing as booking cheap air flights too early, airlines don’t really start directing their private flights until about three months prior that is when they start releasing the cheaper seats; but the sweet deal lies between three months and six weeks before this is supported by a recent data.

The airfare aggregator looked at a year’s value of searches and found that six months before leaving, domestic ticket fares were about 20 percent higher than the cheap flight tickets; whatever you do don’t wait till the last week, when the amounts shoot up – by about 25 percent.

For long-distance tickets you should begin your search early, a data located the best standard cheap flight tickets for Asian flights a full nine to ten months out; the prices go down again (though not as much) between three and four months in advance. For South American tickets, the perfect booking window exists around six months before leaving.

For African trips, it was found that the fares began to drop about three months out, but curiously enough they didn’t slump until about five weeks before leaving; Of course, all of these are the normal fares, but if you are wishing to catch cheap air flights to a distant destination then you need to focus your search between five and two months out that’s when they generally come into view.

The best plan for long-distance travelling is to look for cheap international flights very early to get a standard sense of prices and sign up for a fare-watching service, this way you’ll know when to book, when the correct fare comes your way.

You’ll need to plan ahead to get the cheap flight tickets to Europe, when the numbers of travellers were put together for Memorial Day and Labour Day last year it was discovered that the low-cost prices to Europe was a full 31 weeks before leaving.

We recommend you start looking for cheap international flights around four to five months out; which means right now, and don’t get held up in an illusion because sales on summer flights to Europe are very limited.

This generally happens when there is a rise in volume (i.e., cheap air flights and routes), but if you can’t be versatile with your dates and destinations you probably won’t be able to benefit from these deals; but if you can adapt to this then the booking window lessens and the prices go down for people who are travelling in the spring or fall – which is outside of school holidays.

There’s no point waiting for price sales here, top orders and limited transit mean that fares for winter flights to Caribbean islands and smaller ski-country airports generally don’t vary much but they soar fiercely very early.

Looking at last winter’s economy-class cheap international flights from the United States to the Caribbean islands; it was found that the low-priced standard fares were 21 weeks before departure, so don’t forget to book cheap air flights to both Caribbean and ski getaways about four to five months before your trip.

The specialty in this is that you’ll be able to book cheap air flights to Denver, Salt Lake City and other large airports serving ski destinations and you’ll also have extra time to book because the airports have more space.

Remember the earlier you book your cheap air flights the better, analyst’s trailed private airfares for more than 11,000 buyers purchasing tickets for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s travel. Primarily, for all three big holidays the normal ticket fares hit a low in early June, it differed right throughout the rest of the summer and early fall but by the end of September they were regularly climbing.

Not all can plan a winter holiday in June, of course; but if you’re thinking of going from somewhere cold to somewhere warm then we advise you to get your cheap flight tickets as soon as possible; a related idea is at work for spring-break travel as well.

Cheap International Flights to Florida and other famous warm-weather destinations start ascending very early and these tend not to differ much; so we recommend that you plan your trip five months in advance to get the cheaper flights.

Many airlines are really good at knowing when an airport’s local school districts are on their spring break, and will alter their cheap flight tickets accordingly; of course, all of these booking windows are wild guesses and should be taken as direction rather than rules of the law.

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Ravishingly Amazing Places Photographed the Most

Nature sometimes shows the splendid colours of the world and sometimes reveals the mysterious side of the world. Be that magical colours and wonders or mysterious marvels, nothing can beat the creations of nature. Here are some masterpieces that reveal the vibrant diversity of Mother Nature.

Travelling around the globe is the only thing that we as humans can do to explore the astonishing avenues that nature has hidden all over the world. This spectacular collection of flower fields and gardens will definitely blow your minds and especially the camera lenses of the photographers!

Antelope Canyon, USA

This is an unbelievable geological formation located in northern Arizona which is undoubtedly a photographers’ dream destination. Its sandstone bedrock is carved into striking curves and hollows by the violent flow of water. Simply the two sections of this uncommon formations are referred to as “the place where water runs through rocks” and “spiral rock arches.”

Bamboo Forest, Japan

There are 2 important facts that you should know about this verdant masterpiece of nature in addition to its alluring scenic appearance. One is the heavenly sound that arises when the wind is blowing through the bamboo forest and the other one is the neat and well-woven railing on the sides of the road amidst the forest that is made out of fallen parts of bamboo. This sprawling bamboo grove is one of the most highly photographed sites in Japan.

Tulip Fields in Netherlands

What else is ravishingly colourful to a camera’s lenses than the tulip fields of the Netherlands that spans acres and acres. These landscapes sprawling with rainbow like flowers can be best photographed from a plane over the fields. These tulip bulbs can be seen at their best during the spring season falling at the end of March and lasting till mid May.

Canola Flower Fields, China

This magnificent landscape loaded with fresh yellow floras sometimes gives an impression of being a golden sea with waves of yellow rapeseed flowers. Any photographer visiting these fields stretching as far as the eyes can see can capture as much of the golden scene as they like which is a rare opportunity for one to encounter. The canola season begins early March when the sea of canola flowers start to bloom.

Lavender Fields, UK and France

The glorious purple festival of Lavender begins during late June and generally continues till August. Photography in this scenic atmosphere admits the gorgeous lavender flowers is a blessing more than just an opportunity. These lands of purple miracle spans from France to the UK with billions of flowers once a year. These flowers have been used to make not only fragrances and soaps but also to get lavender honey and lavender sorbets which are worth a taste.


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