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Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Visit India

There is a lot of talk about India being a spectacular place to visit for your holidays, but we do not agree; because there really isn’t anything prominent about this country is there?

*If anyone has ever told you that this place is the most stunning destination that you could travel to, well then they weren’t telling you the truth, it’s quite dreadful.

*Trust us, it’s the most unpleasant sight, I mean would you look at this completely revolting sunset.

*And would you just look at this horrible fortress; it isn’t that interesting is it?

*What about this valley isn’t it quite unpleasant?

*You tell us would you want to see anything as unattractive as this?

*Am sure that lakes are not supposed to look as bad as this right?

*This country should really get itself together when it comes to charm.

*There are way better sights in this world than this don’t you think?

*Seriously, look at the sky; do you even see the grand blue?

*And it isn’t like this destination has any impressive architectural marvels right?

*Don’t you think that there are a minimum of around six marvels of the world that are a lot more stunning than this?

*We won’t get started on the beaches that are found here, they are not that beautiful!

*Yeah, it is very unpleasant.

*What about this pretty unappealing location, not that stunning is it?

*And this site is no different than anything else in this country, not interesting.

*How could tourists enjoy a sunset in a destination that is so unattractive?

*Trust us when we say that no one will be able to enjoy anything here!

*I’m feeling pretty uneasy just looking at this dreadful and quite unpleasant country.

*There are not much of marvellous animals even to talk about or see ether.

*Take a look at this cat, this could be seen in every other destination as well; just idling about.

*And this unappealing blue city isn’t even really worth your time to visit.

*Seriously, this place does not look as stunning as anything else in this country right?

*So we advice you never in your lifetime to visit this destination, because it does not offer you anything at all.

*See what we mean this country does not offer you anything captivating.

*Believe us when we say not at all.

*So why would we even think of visiting this place.

*You definitely will not have a reason to travel to India.

*There is nothing whatsoever in this place that would make you want to travel here.

*But don’t you think otherwise? If you do then you really have to travel to this country that has so much to offer travellers.

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Don’t Miss Out on Fabulous Florida Shopping – Discounted of Course!

The sunshine state just got a whole lot more interesting! Why?

The answer is – Flea Markets; a fabulous shopping opportunity for all shopaholics and holiday makers

Travel Center has a range of exciting travel deals and cheap flights to the state of Florida.

We have partnered with Air Canada to give you the best travel discounts to Florida. Book today and set off to a land of unstoppable fun, sun and of course loads of discounted shopping!

Florida is well known for its designer boutiques and high-end shopping malls, but did you know the state is home to a staggering array of flea markets, selling collectibles, valuable antiques and a whole range of goodies that are appealing and affordable to the budget traveller.

  1. Sumter County Flea Market

Held in the town of Webster this market is held every Monday and sees almost 50,000 visitors every week. Set up in 1937 the market comprises of two sections; one is a flea and farmers market with over 2000 stalls selling interesting objects found at a standard flea market; together with the very best and freshest farm produce. Hop across the street to section two and you have over 500 dealers selling antiques and collectibles. A sample of what to expect are 1940’s kitchenware, lone ranger lunch boxes, 1920’s silent movie advertising campaigns, coke collectibles and lots more interesting and quirky antiques that have a good chance of turning into valuable treasures.

  1. St Augustine Flea Market

This market is located between Jacksonville and Daytona. It is home to 500 permanent stall holders with around 100 visiting sales stalls. St Augustine Flea Market offers a unique collection of goods. You can buy rare books, records and vintage hardware. Browse through authentic Indian collectibles, Art-Deco furniture, clothing, computers and musical instruments. Do try the Cajun boiled peanuts while the restaurant serves up some delicious local dishes; with fresh produce available at the U-pick farm. An R-V park is found within this market if you are considering a road trip.

  1. Flea World

This is by far the state’s largest flea market. Located in Orlando the Dr Sanford’s flea market is well known for its staggering collection of goodies. There are 1700 standard stalls at Flea World while a garage sale strip, dollar stores, bargain stores and services of hairstylists and even psychic readers add loads of colour and character.

If you are travelling as a family then flea world has plenty to offer; the kids will love fun world complete with bumper cars, miniature golf and go-kart tracks.

  1. Opah-Locka Hialeah Flea Market

Get busy in vibrant Miami as you browse this fabulous market. This is a multi-cultural market that is open on all days of the week from 6 am to 6 pm. Around a 100,000 visitors browse this massive market every week. Accordingly there is a 10,000 car- park for convenience. Just what can you buy at the Opah-Locka Hialeah Flea Market? Luggage, handbags, shoes, ceramics, appliances, car accessories, toys, watches, gifts, souvenirs and much more.

  1. Fleamasters Flea Market

Located in Fort Mayer’s the Fleamasters Flea Market comprises of a 400,000sqft area.
There are 900 stalls and 20 food stalls, so you never go hungry! On sale are local wines, sunglasses, summer dresses, boots, kiddies wear, motorcycle equipment and yes even wigs! At the end of your shopping spree head over to the huge 300 seat music hall and catch a live performance by either a local band or touring gig.

In conclusion I must say the above mentioned lot are just a few of the fabulous flea markets of Florida. Do enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and excitement of scouting around for interesting knick-knacks. Book your flight to the sunny state and have fun this summer.

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How to Book Airline Tickets in Advance

When to book cheap flight tickets is a question that tortures even the most professional travellers, which of you have sat in front of the computer thinking: Do I wait for a cheaper deal, or is this the best I’ll get?
There is no hard-and-fast order for striking the correct booking window; a recent report found that, historically, cheap air flights are available seven weeks before departure, yet another study showed that cheap international flights were available six weeks before flying. But remember that the window will change according to where you will be travelling and when.

There is such a thing as booking cheap air flights too early, airlines don’t really start directing their private flights until about three months prior that is when they start releasing the cheaper seats; but the sweet deal lies between three months and six weeks before this is supported by a recent data.

The airfare aggregator looked at a year’s value of searches and found that six months before leaving, domestic ticket fares were about 20 percent higher than the cheap flight tickets; whatever you do don’t wait till the last week, when the amounts shoot up – by about 25 percent.

For long-distance tickets you should begin your search early, a data located the best standard cheap flight tickets for Asian flights a full nine to ten months out; the prices go down again (though not as much) between three and four months in advance. For South American tickets, the perfect booking window exists around six months before leaving.

For African trips, it was found that the fares began to drop about three months out, but curiously enough they didn’t slump until about five weeks before leaving; Of course, all of these are the normal fares, but if you are wishing to catch cheap air flights to a distant destination then you need to focus your search between five and two months out that’s when they generally come into view.

The best plan for long-distance travelling is to look for cheap international flights very early to get a standard sense of prices and sign up for a fare-watching service, this way you’ll know when to book, when the correct fare comes your way.

You’ll need to plan ahead to get the cheap flight tickets to Europe, when the numbers of travellers were put together for Memorial Day and Labour Day last year it was discovered that the low-cost prices to Europe was a full 31 weeks before leaving.

We recommend you start looking for cheap international flights around four to five months out; which means right now, and don’t get held up in an illusion because sales on summer flights to Europe are very limited.

This generally happens when there is a rise in volume (i.e., cheap air flights and routes), but if you can’t be versatile with your dates and destinations you probably won’t be able to benefit from these deals; but if you can adapt to this then the booking window lessens and the prices go down for people who are travelling in the spring or fall – which is outside of school holidays.

There’s no point waiting for price sales here, top orders and limited transit mean that fares for winter flights to Caribbean islands and smaller ski-country airports generally don’t vary much but they soar fiercely very early.
Looking at last winter’s economy-class cheap international flights from the United States to the Caribbean islands; it was found that the low-priced standard fares were 21 weeks before departure, so don’t forget to book cheap air flights to both Caribbean and ski getaways about four to five months before your trip.

The specialty in this is that you’ll be able to book cheap air flights to Denver, Salt Lake City and other large airports serving ski destinations and you’ll also have extra time to book because the airports have more space.
Remember the earlier you book your cheap air flights the better, analyst’s trailed private airfares for more than 11,000 buyers purchasing tickets for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s travel. Primarily, for all three big holidays the normal ticket fares hit a low in early June, it differed right throughout the rest of the summer and early fall but by the end of September they were regularly climbing.

Not all can plan a winter holiday in June, of course; but if you’re thinking of going from somewhere cold to somewhere warm then we advise you to get your cheap flight tickets as soon as possible; a related idea is at work for spring-break travel as well.

Cheap International Flights to Florida and other famous warm-weather destinations start ascending very early and these tend not to differ much; so we recommend that you plan your trip five months in advance to get the cheaper flights.

Many airlines are really good at knowing when an airport’s local school districts are on their spring break, and will alter their cheap flight tickets accordingly; of course, all of these booking windows are wild guesses and should be taken as direction rather than rules of the law. Why not call us now to book your cheap flights with Travel Center UK.

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Set Off on a Mind Blowing Adventure of Retail Therapy – Tips for Shopping in Bangkok

Exotic Bangkok is a favoured and popular tourist destination. The capital city is not only popular for its splendid cultural attractions but also for the fabulous shopping opportunities available to all shopaholics. Jet off to Bangkok and relish browsing unique floating markets, colourful and bustling night bazaars and stocking up on designer goodies at the chic malls.

Where to Shop in Fabulous Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok is quite a rewarding treat, while settling on where to shop is quite a mystery for many first timers to the city. In this instance it is quite alright and advisable to ask for trusted local advice on where the best shopping venues are.

If you are a culture buff interested in quirky antiques head over to vibrant Sukhumvit Road for a wide choice and excellent finds. It is also one of Bangkok’s best spots for scoring souvenirs and handicrafts. If you are an ardent fan of designer wear indulge the diva in you with a visit to the plush confines of branded stores.

In this regard do check out the Siam area malls, which will astound you with a marvellous collection of fashion boutiques, accessories, designer wear, shoes and lots more.

No shopping tour to Bangkok is complete until you experience a typical Thai open-air market, the best spots for practicing you bargaining skills and rummaging around for exotic goodies, handbags, shoes, clothing and more. Chatuchak hosts one of the largest markets in the city.

Bargain hunters are in for a treat in Bangkok and some of the best places for inexpensive goods are Chinatown, Pratunam Market for varied kinds of clothing, colourful Pahurat textile market and the stalls located around busy Sampang Lane.

Bangkok Shopping By Area

Chidlom and Ploenchit – Bangkok’s hippest shopping malls are situated here. Chidlom is a renowned district for designer brands and glitzy malls that make you want to splurge in order to re-vamp your wardrobe. The 7th floor of the Central Chidlom Shopping Centre is not to be missed if you are on the lookout for designer shoes, clothes and handbags.

Not to be missed is CentralWorld a literal ‘shopping haven’ boasting over 500 shops for you to explore. Popular stores there are Manga and Fashionista.

Siam district – Taking Bangkok to international standards in terms of designer shopping the Siam shopping district is sure to satisfy the hard-core shopaholic in you – be prepared to splurge. Do visit Siam Paragon the classiest and largest mall in Siam while Siam Square boasts a collection of classy designer boutiques.

Silom district – Famed for day and night time shopping Silom provides colour and variety. Robinson, Central and the Silom Complex are the most popular malls. Enjoy the excitement and convenience of night time shopping at the Patpong Night Market. Where you find just about anything including knock off handbags, watches and duplicate brands.

Sukhumvit district – this is Bangkok’s most visited and busiest shopping districts. Complete with roadside stalls, gigantic shopping malls, popular departmental stores and also lots of colourful handicraft shops.

The Chatuchak Market – This is a mind blowing open air market offering an astounding 15,000 stalls for you to browse. Retail therapy at its best!

The Bangkok Shopping Malls

The malls sell just about anything from stylish designer labels to everyday homemaker goods to the latest electronics – the choices are endless at these malls complete with huge food courts and vibrant entertainment.

These are some of the best malls in Bangkok:

Siam Paragon is the city’s fashion icon. Relish the uber-cool interiors housing an astounding range of high-end branded stores selling clothing and accessories together with the latest in High-Tec gadgetry and yes even newest and trendiest cars.

CentralWorld Siam – a mega mall featuring the best designer brands Zara, Timberland, Izzu and MNG. The mall is home to 100 cafes, ice skating rink and even a cinema.

MBK Haven is the tourist hot spot for shopping. The mall is attractively affordable and sells just about anything at any one of its impressive 2000 odd shops.

What to Buy in Bangkok

Well what can’t you buy in Bangkok? The city has a stall, store, boutique or market selling just about any kind of retail goody. Buy the latest fashions and hippest accessories and even the fastest cars in Bangkok.

All the more reason to book our cheap flights to Bangkok, enabling you to save and splurge for one of the most satisfying holidays you will ever take!

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Way off the beaten track – a look at some of the world’s most bizarre attractions

The world is a wondrous and incredibly diverse place filled with history, culture, the arts, and everything in between. When you visit a great city – or a small one for that matter – you may visit its more popular destinations such as history and art museums, famous sculptures and buildings, or even a restaurant that the city is famous for.

Travelling the world can sometimes be boring for some of us who don’t see beauty in monotony. The same thing in every city – old buildings ravaged by time, historical artefacts, or just paintings of the city by someone slightly famous – might not get everyone’s sense of wonder running. This list – mainly adopted from a Huffington Post article – is a glimpse of the bizarre, a look at the flip side of human nature. Be warned, though… Not all these places are for everyone.

We start off in – no surprise here – Japan:

Yunessun Spa Resort

A place for a truly surreal experience, the Kowakien Yunessun Hot Springs Amusement Park & Spa Resort allows you a great spa experience either in the traditional old boring way (a dip in a Jacuzzi) or in a way you won’t imagine anyone with a semblance of sanity would do it, by bathing in a spa filled with your choice of beverage from sake to green tea, coffee, or red wine. Whether you get any health benefit from any of these beverages is arguable, but it is an experience about which you can relate if you like to see raised eyebrows.

Then things get a bit creepy in Mexico:

Island of the Dolls

Isla de las Munecas (literally Island of the Dolls) in Mexico is the stuff of nightmares. Someone turned the dial on weird to maximum and broke off the knob. Named after its hundreds of baby dolls hanging from trees, and dedicated to the lost soul of a young girl who died a tragic death, the island’s most remarkable feature is all the work of one man who dedicated the last 50 years of his life to decorating the island with dolls, until his own tragic death in 2001. The dolls remain untouched on the island. If your skin doesn’t crawl at the sights, you may need to see a doctor.

A bit of ridiculous art in California, USA:

Bubble-gum Alley

Ah, bubble-gum. Chew it for a few minutes, blow some bubbles, and (if you are irresponsible, like most people tend to be) stick it somewhere that no one can see. Bubble-gum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California is perhaps the only wall in the world where visitors are encouraged to stick chewed bubble-gum. The alley started this practise in the 1970s, and it keeps on growing. If you are the least bit germophobic, this is not for you.

A bit of a hair-raiser in Turkey:

Avanos Hair Museum

Human hair is pleasant when on its owner’s head, but polarising when off it, with some people finding it utterly disgusting whereas others don’t mind it at all. In the town of Avanos, Turkey, under a nondescript pottery shop, is the Avanos Hair Museum, a dark cavern that is adorned with thousands of locks of human hair. It goes without saying that no fire is allowed anywhere near it.

Things take a turn to the morbid in Italy:

Capuchin Catacombs

For fans of the morbid, the Capuchin Catacombs are a goldmine. For the rest of humanity, it invokes the most basic fear of all – that of death. Located in Palermo, Italy, these catacombs contain as many as 8,000 well-preserved mummies dressed in the finest garb of the day. This is not for the faint-hearted, although visitor numbers are on the incline.

We move to India for a very ratty experience:

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple in Deshnok, India, is perhaps the one place on earth where rats have had their mortal fear of humans bred out of them through centuries of being worshipped. The rats in the temple are considered sacred and clean, and nobody is allowed to harm one within its premises. The rats are well fed and supposedly friendly towards humans, but chances are that nobody with musophobia (the fear of rats) will be cured any time soon.

We end in Paris… well, technically under Paris:

Paris Sewer Museum

The sewers of Paris were home to the seedy underbelly of the city in centuries past. The poor and destitute, along with the criminals and the vagrants lived in these less-than-liveable tunnels. Today, Paris is home to an efficient sewer system inhabited by zero permanent residents, unless you count the museum dedicated to it. If you are a history buff, you will enjoy the lesson, and if you are there for a weird experience, you are also in for a treat. What of the smell? Well, you will get used to it sooner that you would like to admit.


So are you a fan of the weird and out-of-whack? Are you someone who wants to experience what a few among us do in their lifetimes? This is but a glimpse into the world of weird tourist attractions the world over. Who better to take you there than Travel Center UK? Call our experts now, and book your flight tickets to Japan, Mexico, California, Turkey, Italy, India, or the city of Paris in France. It’s just a phone call away!

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