Taj Mahal – The symbol of India

Many would argue Taj Mahal to be the symbol of love; however critics consider it to be the symbol of India than for one specific emotion, as Taj Mahal is one main attraction besides several others. But still Taj Mahal…

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Travel Weekly Face to Face with PS Kang

The chairman of £120m turnover agency tells Lucy Huxley the time has come to branch out into full-blown holidays Occasionally, even after 10years reporting on the travel industry, I come across a travel business I’ve heard little about.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Austria - Travel Center UK Blog

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Austria

Book a flight to Austria, one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, enticing travellers all through the year, and winter is nearly as hectic as summer in the striking mountain districts. Tourist are pulled here as much for the picturesque…

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Cheap Travel Clusters around the World

Luckily many of the cheapest places to book a flight to in the world are located in groups. So you don’t have to purchase some intricate (and costly) around-the-world ticket that has you travelling from airport to airport every couple…

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